The Emirates remains the leading destination for Indian workers, says Minister of State for External Affairs. The number of Indians living in the UAE has crossed 3.5 million, with more than 130,000 making the move since the end of last year, new figures show.

Saudi Arabia

According to the Indian embassy in Riyadh, 3.5 million Indians are employed in the Gulf states, including about 1.5 million in Saudi Arabia, of whom 30 percent are Muslim.


In terms of population (1.2 million), it has been a favourite destination for Indian nationals working as expatriates. The number of Indian nationals has increased over the years. The current estimate of Indian expatriates in the island is around 350,000.


It is estimated that about 2,25,000 Indian expatriates, both skilled and unskilled, are living in Malaysia. The skilled expatriates coming to Malaysia are mostly IT professionals, engineers, doctors etc. More than 65 different community associations are registered with the High Commission of India.


The Indian community of about 700,000, including more than 567,000 workers, continues to be one the largest expatriate communities in Oman and people familiar with developments said on condition of anonymity that this was also the reason why the number of Indian workers had witnessed a sharp fall in the first six


The community of Indians in Kuwait includes Indian expatriates in Kuwait, as well as Kuwaiti citizens of Indian origin or descent. According to the Indian ministry of external affairs, there are around 1,020,000 Indians as of 2020.


750,000 Indians live and work in Qatar, of which 300,000 are from the football-crazy state of Kerala alone.


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